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End of Lease Repairs

Returning your leased car can result in an unexpectedly high expense as even minor repairs will be charged at inflated bodyshop rates. If you have accidentally caused damage to a lease car, we can repair all vehicle damage before it is returned and help you to avoid high penalty repair bills.
Refurbishing your lease vehicles with ls spraytec solutions before their return can save you money.

The cost of our repairs is a fraction of what you could pay in penalties for returning damaged vehicles to your leasing agent. Our approach to lease repair work is simple – restore vehicles to meet the guidelines stated in your lease agreement so you avoid penalty fees. We cater for:

Alloy wheel refurbishment and repairs

Exterior bodywork cleaning polishing and waxing

Interior valet including seats dahboard all carpets and matts

Smart repairs to remove scuffs and scratches

All in all we can bring the vehicle back to its origonal condition before its returned back to the company so contact us today.

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